Stock Control System

Easy to use inventory management system

Barcodes and Serial Numbers
Label each item with a unique barcode and serial number to track inventory in real-time.

Catalog ManagementCreate and manage a centralized inventory database across all warehouses with ease

Item Classification
Classify items with specific categories, attributes, and variants.

Product Bundles

Create product bundles to sell as a single unit

Stock Adjustments

Monitor and adjust stock levels to avoid stock shrinkage.

Order Management

Manage Purchases and sales in a centralized system

Purchase Orders
Create customized purchase and sales orders with the company’s logo and information. Organize purchase orders from multiple suppliers with ease. Monitor the inventory coming in, price quotes and the payments due.

Supplier Management
Organize suppliers based on location and material supply. Track your supplier’s performance with the supplier scorecard. 

Sales Orders
Manage sales invoices and orders with ease. Monitor sales quotes from customers. Identify which is the most selling inventory and which is not.

Customer Management
Send promotional emails and messages to all your customers within seconds. Attract and win customer loyalty.

Analytics & Reporting

Warehouse Dashboard
Get a bird’s eye view of your stock with a powerful and intuitive dashboard. Monitor inventory, sales, and purchases across a warehouse or all warehouses on the go. 

Comprehensive Reports
Plan, forecast, and budget for the next stock purchase with data-driven reports. Share customized warehouse reports such as re-order point reports, inventory level reports, item-wise reports, sales, and purchase reports.

Analyze purchase and sales patterns, seasonal trends and fluctuations to create sales strategies to boost the bottom line of your business.

Additional Features

Payment integration

Integrate popular payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, and Razorpay to make smooth and seamless transactions.

Warehouse Classification

Classify warehouses in a structured manner to control the flow of the stock from one warehouse to another.

Shelf & Aisle Management 

Organize warehouses using aisles to reduce inventory pick-up time.


Maintain purchase and sales invoices with our Accounting Software


Connect with departments and warehouses with our internal chat platform

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