The Smart Solution for POS

Starting at $99/mo

Tablets? Desktops?

No worries.

An intuitive POS dashboard analyzes the day's sales made and offers insights on inventory levels. 

Create user profiles and track your employees' performance. 

Be on top of your business with custom and comprehensive reports like inventory reports, purchase and sales reports.

Know your business

at your fingertips

Tired of paperwork at the end of the day?

Bye Bye Spreadsheets and Paperwork

Multiple Spreadsheets to maintain and track stock? Catalog Management is the solution.

Bulk import data from CSV or Excel files. 

Maintain product variants, composites and include images, and product descriptions.

Track inventory in real-time using barcodes from the point of purchase to the point of sale.

Know your Customers 

Increase Revenue with loyalty rewards and Personalized Customer Profiles

With a centralized customer database, send promotional messages and notifications via email or text.

Track your customer's purchase history and suggest options during their next visit.

Win customers' loyalty with gift cards, store credits, loyalty points, and easy return or refund processes.

Secure and Trusted 


Too many payment methods to keep up?

Accept multiple payment methods. Be it cash, cards, loyalty cards, gift cards or store credits. 

Execute payments via trusted and popular payment gateways like Paypal, RazorPay. 

Notify customers with sales invoices via email and/or text messages.

Say No to Inventory


Worried overstocking under-stocking Inventory?

Monitor inventory levels in real-time and track shelf-life and expiry dates. 

Know which products are selling fast or slowing down. 

Conduct inventory counts regularly to coordinate sales in single or multiple stores.

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